Sunday, December 26, 2010

Jim Rogers: Britain is Bankrupt!

RT discusses UK's economic and political situation with author, financial commentator and investor Jim Rogers . The Us and Britain are both BANKRUPT! PERIOD! How the fuck is the US going to pay 14 trillion bucks? Don't know what Englands debt is? Can someone tell me? How about the fucken interest on these debts? US is totally fucked,no jobs,no medicare,too many overcrowded prisons,no jobs!!

Britian gross external debt is 9 trillion $ you should go to the wikipidia page on external debt there is a list there of countries by external debt but also other lists like public debt etc. etc. etc.

You may also wan't to check out us national debt clock real time. just type it into google it will come at the top of the page.Strongly agree about the military. A single one of their aircrafts can cost anything more than £750,000...they are not cheap at all. We don't need protecting at the moment. I think Germany is playing nice now (I sure hope!) and here we are fighting a war in afghan for no fucking reason. Pull them out, stop building tanks and what tons of dosh and save lifes at the same time