Monday, October 24, 2011

Jim Rogers: The Revenge of the Farmers in Business

Jim Rogers : In the agriculture business it's been such a horrible business because we have shortages of everything , for the last thirty years you now have a shortage for fertilizers seeds and tractors , we have shortage of tractor tires even now because it's been such a terrible business and nobody is investing , we have shortage of farmers , most farmers in the world are old men because it's been such a terrible business . All these agriculture and mining schools can be full of people because that's where the great professions are going to be , farming is going to be one of the greatest businesses sectors professions of the next thirty years , go get yourself a mining degree instead of a business degree if you do not want to be a farmer because that's where the great fortunes are going to be made in the next ten twenty thirty years The paper shelving on Wall Street and the City of London is finished , throughout history we had major shifts , we had periods where the financial community has been at the center of the world we also had long periods where agriculture or mining the people who produce real goods have been at the center of the world , we are now in a period of gigantic shift where we are shifting from Wall street financial ties to the people who produce the real goods and for the next twenty thirty years it is going to be those people who are going to be in charge