Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Agriculture Is Going To Be Extremely Profitable Over The Next 20 Years

Jim Rogers : Agriculture is going to be the big thing in the next 20 years. The best thing you can do is to become a farmer, that is where the money is going to be made. It has been a disaster for the last 20 years, but farmers are going to be driving the Lamborghini in the next 20 years, stock brokers are going to be driving taxis. The smart ones will learn how to drive tractors so they can work for the smart farmers. Anything to do with agriculture -- seeds, tractors, fertilizer, water -- is going to be extremely profitable over the next 20 years. - in India Economic Times

Jim Rogers is a bestselling author, financial commentator and successful international investor. Rogers was a co-founder of the Quantum Fund (considered to be the first truly international fund of its kind) and is the creator of the Rogers International Commodities Index (RICI).